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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> a flurry of activity as road drews get ready -- crews get ready for the president's day triple punch of snow, sleet and ice. when will it start and what can you expect? let's go outside and first alert meteorologist howard bernstein, what do you say? >> we have a little snow just starting in northwest dc dc in the last 10 -- dc in the last 10:00 or so. the jab before the uppercut, if you will, but we'll get the bigger snows tomorrow during the day before it changes over. the track of the snow -- tracking the snow the last couple of hours from west virginia coming towards us. the snow has slowly been moving toward dc over the last couple of years. south of town and southwest of town, already getting reports of snow on the ground. dusting of places like culpeper for example and
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counties and southern counties and light snow across southern maryland a heavier band south of culpeper. our friends towards fredericksburg, watch out if you're going out the next few hours. you really see where the snow is coming down in a pretty intense way. advise yinlt in luray is -- visibility in luray is less than a hour. that's a sign that the snow is coming down at a steady clip. even quantico at 1.3 miles. yonkman -- i don't think we'll have too much ice before we have problems. a low cold air mass in place which will take time to warm up. we are primed to get a general 2-4 inches of snow. some areas west could even get a little more than that. it looks like a snowy monday, temperatures even midday only in the mid-20s. we won't get to my forecast high34
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we'll when -- when we transition over. i'll come back and we'll talk about what to expect from the storm, impact it will have and i'll have the accumulation map as well. i'll come inside. it's still cold out here >> get inside. you can get all the info you need about the roads and snow and how much snow will fall where you live at any time on our wusa 9 app. a few moments ago, the district of columbia's road crews went out in full force and the district activated cold emergency plan through tuesday morning. that means the hypothermia shelter will remain open along with overnight warming centers. a live look at i-270 in gaithersburg. those roads are clear and maryland highway officials say their crews are also out treating roads tonight. in virginia, highway officials asking drivers to stay off the roads tomorrow. we are in
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where crews are already out. stephanie? >> hi, there, deborah. it started snowing here about 15 minutes ago and in all, 2,500 snow plows will be responding to this storm. a few plows left this parking lot just moments ago and i was out and about and i told people about the snow on the way and i got to tell you people gave me some pretty strange looks. so many people are so over this. 1-3 inches >> oh, that's going to be bad. i have work tomorrow. that's terrible. >> ahead of tomorrow's rush hour commute, a mix of salt and sand is already covering roads, ramps, bridges and overpasses in northern virginia. the last time we got snow, sleet and freezing rain, it tacked on
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clement's commute. >> this snow, there's going to
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reporting live tonight in leesburg, wusa 9 >> thank you so much, stephanie. tonight's dangerous, cold temperatures means the area's homeless shelters are expected to be full. in arlington, virginia, the a- span shelter is already at full capacity. this homeless center has beds, showers and serves three meals a day. a-span staff says it will not turn anyone away during -- seeking sheltd shelter during -- shelter during tonight's extreme temperatures and those already arrived are thankful for those services. >> it is better being out in the streets on there, so this is a great place to be able to stay warm versus outside. >> and if you see someone who appears to be homeless and out in the cold, you can always call the hype yoslan herrera thermia hotline -- hypothermia
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a pastor in bowie, maryland, says he contacted police once he learned of 22-year-old deonte carraway's arrest. the church leader told us that the volunteer tried to become a volunteer at one of their children's bible study pro imrams last summer. -- programs last summer >> we learned the zion praise tabernacle lutheran church is one of two who share this center >> he came to our program >> that's when he first met the 22-year-old who he says wanted to become a volunteer. >> we were concerned because we didn't know him and then also because of apparent gap between his age and his maturity level. just somebody who works with kids, you kind of get a radar that says, huh, i wonder what that's about >> the pastor tells us he thought he had the maturity of a 12-year-old. the
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recording 16 minors in childpornographic materials as the latest place as the zion praise tab knacker. it's there he worked as a youth choir director always seen in the company of children >> they say he was a regular at the 12:30 service. pastor dan says he always saw him with the same two or three kids on saturdays >> the hurt only continues to grow from the glenarden municipal center pool where they believe he also produced pornographic videos >> you have to be there andmonitor your kids >> something like this is a big hit and hopefully we can overcome it >> we are so stunned that we are kind of trying to get our act together >> pastor dan says he didn't let carraway volunteer it the program because he didn't submit for a background check before they started. now they plan to
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same as his church does in bowie >> their first priority is stepping to the needs of those vic -- tending to the needs of those victims >> we're told the private plane carrying antonin scalia's body left tonight. he was found dead of apparent natural causes saturday morning. earlier today, some 20 law enforcement officers led a three-hour procession to take scalia's body from the ranch to an el paso, texas, funeral home. his death sent shom waves through the nation's capital.  republicans who control the senate say they do not want president obama to nominate a replacement in his final year in office. democrats including the president were quick to lash out >> there's a long tradition you don't do this in an election year >> he can nominate someone >>
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with our history and our constitutional principles >> it is beyond my comprehension and it just speaks to the unbelievable level of and unprecedented level of republican obstructionism from president obama since day one >> meantime, the senate's top republican senator mcconnell has vowed to block any obama appointment to the supreme court until a new president is voted into office. >> a three-alarm fire causes more than a million dollars in damage. it started just before 11:30 this morning at a small condominium complex in the 7600 block of coach light lane. howard county firefighters say they arrived to find the two- story building heavily engulfed in flames. all the 16 residents managed to get out safely and tonight the red cross has stepped in to help them find a place to stay. >> a virginia man considered a scam artist is found
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death in prince george's county. they say the 37-year-old was found inside a pickup truck just after 3:30 today on armstrong lane. the man was pronounced dead at the scene and el-atari was sentenced to 12 years in prison for a scheme that defrauded banks across the country and ordered to pay $53 million in restitution investigators say they investigating previous new york governor elliott spritzer after a woman was assaulted inside a swanky hotel. he resigned after becoming involved in a prostitution scandal pope francis with a mee ssag for hundreds of thousands at an outdoor mass this sunday. what's the descroat a long -- secret to a long
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hundreds of thousands of people gathered near mexico city today to worship with pope francis. today's open air mass was the largest event during the pontiff's five-day tr
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resist the temptations of wealth and corruption. his speech was aimed at the area's drug lords and gang violence. all this weeks, the wusa 9 team will take you inside local religious institutions to examine how faith effects our day-to-day lives here in the washington, dc, area. here is bruce johnson with a preview of faith in our town. >> come on. somebody praise god right now. ♪ >> if you're a person of faith, we are going to take you to church. some nontraditional places of worship in the washington area >> i think it's the idea we meet people where they are at >> we'll explore why some churches and places of worship are thriving >> that's our job is to be ready to meet people where they are >> while others are dying >> i don't know why they stopped coming >> the pew research center says fewer people are choosing religion these days, but that's not to say
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spiritual or not looking for answers in ways to serve >> they want to connect. they want to have a relationship with the people there >> the kind of faith to die for. it's causing lots of fair and hate out there. >> every muslim is a terrorist >> it's reached fever pitch after terrorists bombings and attacks on innocent civilians using religion as a cover >> religion can be used in a good way. it can be used in the wrong way. >> interfaith leaders are meeting discussing how to react, how to lead on a number women and our places of role of worship, being -- among most segregated places on earth >> join us on wusa 9 at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 and 11:00. >> our first story at 5:00 tomorrow night examines how religion helps shape political campaigns. this is going to be really good stuff. i cannot wait to watch all these stories. i'm working on a couple myself >> yeah, i know you've been working hard >> nobody is wo
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>> it's an interesting week. tuesday morning, i was in the sheehy storm tracker 9 and started my week with snow. here we are sunday night and i'm finishing my week with snow. >> yeah, it's going to be something. talk about that something and the three-degree guarantee >> let's take care of business. three-degree guarantee, it was a cold one. forecast high of 27. i was wrong, but only by a degree, so 26 was -- >> you had me going >> eight in a row now and we are back on track. tracking all this. tracking a lot of snow that's been moving across the areas from the tennessee and ohio valleys right toward us over the last few hours. we had some dry air in place, but we have been able to overcome that. many areas now from dc up toward inwood and especially south now, culpeper reporting snow and this is putting a pretty quick coating down. it took 20 minutes to get a coating down. it's really been cold the last few days. this stuff is
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quickly. north of town, not snowing yet, but give it a little time. see this brighter area in southern fairfax towards southwestern prince george's county, maybe northern charles, this is a little bit of snow that's going to cause slick areas down there. a lot of light snow here and there. that little band south of culpeper, that's been moving off towards the east, northeast approaching culpeper. if you are going out in the next little while, please keep in mind the roads will be very slick. we have winter weather advisories up through tuesday morning across the metro. when you get towards frederick, western loudoun, northern fauquier, areas west, a lot of winter storm warnings where we'll have a little more snow and more ice before we go over to rain. i don't think it will be like an ice storm type of problem, but we have to watch it. i want to give you an idea of the spread on the models. in the low three and
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almost five. i'm leaning more towards the 3- 5 range here for much of us right here and that's where my map is. it's the one i drew myself. notice in the metro, three inches plus. the favorite areas to the north and west, five, maybe even six. south and east, 1-3. you'll switch over more quickly to rain or sleet, freezing rain and rain than we will north and west where the cold air hangs on longer. you can see the snow reducing advise yinlt in town. un-- visibility in town. untreated areas will be slick. snow mix and cold overnight. several hours of ice are possible. we could have slick areas even into tuesday mornings in the ice-- isolated spots and heavy rain tuesday. temps in the teens and low 20s out there. very cold. not much wind chill. thankfully, winds are pretty light. still, we are talking about 23 degrees feeling like 14 and i just want to show you real quickly the snow timetable here where we have the snow
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starting to pickup the middle of the day tomorrow. in the afternoon, notice how that starts to lift north and we'll start to transition over that wintry mix. even that could last for several hours. tonight, the snow. well, it's already developed here. 12-20 degrees. tomorrow morning, we're looking at snow. again, the slick spots, teens and 20s and we'll climb in the afternoon. 20s and 30s. south and east is where we'll have the switch over first. 2-4 in the metro, maybe 3-5 with 3-6 west and northwest. tuesday, it's going to warm up. rain will be heavy at times tapering off in the afternoon. 40s and 50s by wednesday. maybe early rain or snowshower 48 and the second half it will be quieter and not bad. looks like 50s next weekend. >> 50s next weekend. i will take that. tooth today was pretty -- today was pretty cold. you could say it was a day to stay in and snuggle maybe with your valentine. not everybody did that. the only farmer's market today and it
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warm and keeping their produce protected. >> freezing. oh, my gracious >> with temperatures in the single digits >> you are not wearing enough clothes >> farmers setup shop in frigid conditions >> our customers expect us to be here. it's a year-round market so we're here >> the bitter cold may be too much even for the broccoli >> it's a matter of keeping all the vegetables from freezing >> it is supposessedded to be -- supposed to be mark mills busiest day >> how did you know it's a valentine's day pie? use your imagination. you can see the heart there, right? >> on a typical winter weekend, it's about 15 to 20 vendors strong. today, there are about six dedicated vendors and some die- hard farmer's market fans >> i come every sunday. i'm one of the first customers >> no matter how cold it is, this woman is going to market
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>> eggs. we come every sunday for our eggs. >> it's all about the layers. there's legging under my pants, socks up to my knees and three layers of sweaters and shirts >> thank you, ma'am. i appreciate you coming out today. >> stay warm >> we will >> it's february. it's not that cold i feel like, but i'll come to the farmer's market no matter what >> in only maryland, wusa 9 >> the olney farm farm -- farmer's market is open every sunday. happy valentine's day. who better to hear from than the longest couple in the country married for 83 years. he's 104. she's 100. the couple is answering questions on twitter with the help of on-line home service marketplace handy. let's take a look and see what people are asking. looks like christina asked what advice do you have for
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my fiance -- newlyweds? my fiance and i are getting married this august >> john said let each other be if it's not drastic. we wish everyone a blissful life like ours. we are just lucky. i love that story. we are just a day away from the grammy's here on wusa 9. we'll have a
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only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, know better sleep with sleep number. the biggest names in miewng are getting ready for -- music are getting ready for this week's grammy awards. an inside look at some of the rehearsals and sneak peek at what some will take home >> four-time nominee alabama salt lake city is preparing for monday's grammy -- shakes is preparing for the grammy awards. lead guitarist admits they're star truck >> we come from a little town. it's crazy to be shaking hands with people like adele and prince, wow >> alabama shake joins a diverse lineup of performers
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across musical jon ross, -- genre. this week, outfitted with a grammy cam which will capture video >> when a grammy award is given to an artist, you'll be in the hands of your favorite artist and see their point of view and perspective >> even if they don't take home a trophy, every nominee is invited backstage to the gifting lounge where they are invited to take home everything from clothe to go cocktails to jewelry >> we prestuffed an amazing gift bag they can roll away or we send to their rooms and they canle come through this -- can come through this lounge and get this bag >> he will pay tribute to michael jackson. miguel is performing a cover of "she's out of my life" celebrating the reissue of jackson's 1979 album "off the
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get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. wusa 9 is sponsored by medical centers >> game on sports brought to you by xfinity >> if you like defense, nba all- star game was not for you. east versus the west up in toronto, canada, which is represented by john wall third straight all-star appearance and the big headline it was the final all-star game for lakers star kobe bryant. as bryant getting a nice ovation in toronto and he only put up 11 shots. i thought he would shoot more in his final all-star game. he had 10 points and also was doing something he rarely does, assisting. the lob to kevin durant, local
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product as, get this, there's a lot of points scored in this one. mo defensive battle. there was a battle last night between maryland-wisconsin and this is not good. maryland freshman center diamond stone could be facing punishment for this foul, shot to the head of veto brown of wisconsin -- visito brown of wisconsin. he was t.'d up. they'll look at it and probably cause a harsher punishment for stonement action at northwestern this afternoon. -- stone. action at northwestern this afternoon. it was 25-25 after the first quarter where -- 25-5 after the first quarter. pitchers and catchers reporting in spring training this week. nice time to get out of dc. the new skipper dusty baker and bryce harper is back and, yes, expectations again are high for this ball club. remember the movie "remember the titans?"
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players and coaches gathering to watch the movie and we were there. we talked coach coming up on "game on overtime." that is just moments away >> my goodness. tell butts -- us about the know snow right -- snow right now 2-5 east and west before we get the transition of sleet. rain could be heavy at advertisements on tuesday -- times on tuesday >> get up to date on our wusa 9
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app. thank you for joining us. "game on overtime," >> this is "game on overtime" sponsored by hyundai. >> coming up next, john wall takes his rightful place amongst the all-stars. after 18 appearances, black mamba bids farewell. a crazy weekend in college hoops. duke gets the best of the wahoos while the badgers chew up the terps. a look at how things are shaping up as we get closer to march. they begin arriving in the sunshine state. like bryce harper, we hope you don't sell us short. "game on overtime" starts right now. >> we would love some of that warm sunshine state air up here right now.


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